The Oasis United Church of Christ

About Us

A diverse community of action-oriented followers of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement

The Oasis UCC is a diverse community of action-oriented followers of Jesus, who humbly strive through worship, faith formation and the practice of Jesus’ teachings to love God and our neighbors as God loves us.

God calls us to care for and meet people where they are; share a life of prayer and joyful service with all; and together–worship, rest in, and serve God. We are seekers of justice and lovers of all of God’s creation. Through the community formed by the Holy Spirit, we are consoled, forgiven, refreshed and inspired.

We extravagantly welcome all people; believers, non-believers, doubters, questioners, no matter who they love, their gender identity or expression, their marital standing or family structure, their race, culture, ability or their economic or social circumstance. All are a blessing to our journey of faith and we seek to share God’s love and grace with all.

What We Believe

As a United Church of Christ congregation, we live first and foremost not by a set of doctrines, but by a desire and commitment to follow in the way of Jesus. We seek, in the UCC tradition, to encourage testimonies, not tests, of faith. We honor belonging over beliefs.

As an Open and Affirming church…

we are welcoming of all people, and in particular persons who have been marginalized or outcast by church or society.  We affirm that LGBTQ+ persons are created wonderfully and beautifully by God just as they are.

As a Just Peace church…

we work for peace and justice and seek to live out God’s reign on earth through service to humanity, charity, education, and systemic change.

As a Multicultural and Multiracial church…

we celebrate the diversity of human life and culture as a beautiful thing that we are called to affirm and cherish.  Our goal as spiritual community is to live out Oneness in the midst of our diversity.

As a Pluralistic Christian church…

we affirm that Jesus is our way, but not “the only way.”  Our faith and practice is centered on the life and person of Jesus, and the Christian scriptures, while affirming that there is beauty, wisdom, and life found in all religions rooted in love.

Our Open and Affirming Covenant

We, the members of The Oasis United Church of Christ in Jefferson City, Missouri, an Open and Affirming Church, are striving to build a church that is committed to radical hospitality, living with total authenticity, real diversity, and agenda-free relationships. We believe that everyone is created in God’s image and should have open minds and hearts as we “love the Lord ourGod with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our strength and with all our mind, and our neighbor as ourselves”.  (Luke 10:27)

We welcome and affirm everyone into our progressive faith community; regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, age, race, nationality, economic and social status, faith background, marital standing, and family structure.


THE OASIS UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Living and embodying God’s love for all in the heart of Jefferson City, MO.

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