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Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith.

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We are a church that is different. We are a church that is unashamedly United Church of Christ. We are a church that is committed to Radical Hospitality, living with Total Authenticity, Real Diversity and agenda-free relationships. The Oasis UCC is a place for the thinking heart – a place where people don’t need to leave their mind OR their heart at the door.  In our common life as church we try to offer devotional, heart-centered worship that will fill your spiritual cup.  The arts (music, dance, drama and visual arts) are centerpieces of transformative worship, and so engagement with the arts that is excellent, and devotional is a priority in the worship life of this church. We also seek to live out and embody our faith where people are challenged and encouraged to live out their faith in the communities of their daily lives. And we have an unashamedly progressive Christian theology where our calling as a spiritual community is to receive and embody Christ’s unconditional love in the world.

God is still speaking.

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The Oasis UCC is a diverse community of action-oriented followers of Jesus, who humbly strive through worship, faith formation and the practice of Jesus’ teachings to love God and our neighbors as God loves us.

God calls us to care for and meet people where they are; share a life of prayer and joyful service with all; and together–worship, rest in, and serve God. We are seekers of justice and lovers of all of God’s creation. Through the community formed by the Holy Spirit, we are consoled, forgiven, refreshed and inspired.

Expect to be welcomed home.
Expect to be moved, challenged, uplifted and inspired.
Expect to encounter God.

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Maybe you grew up going to Sunday School every week. Maybe you haven’t been to church in 20 years. Maybe your faith is solid as a rock. Maybe you’re not sure what you believe. Maybe you’re looking for a safe place for your children to grow in faith. Maybe you decided you’d visit a church this Sunday because your mother guilt-tripped you into it. Maybe it’s because you woke up with the strangest urge to sing, and you didn’t want to sing alone.

People find their way through our doors in countless ways. Whatever the path that you’ve been on, what matters to us most on your first visit is that you feel welcomed and embraced no matter where you find yourself on the journey of life or faith. Some might say that we fling our doors and our arms open wide merely because we want to be nice. That could be, but there’s a more important reason: Jesus told us to.

So welcome, friend. We can’t wait to meet you.