Introducing Oasis TV: A Message from the Media Team


As a technician, I know the importance of convenience in the hustle and bustle of today’s world. Being able to do anything on the go while maintaining professionalism is as necessary as travelling Missouri Boulevard during rush hour.
Why should worship be any different?

As the Director of Media and Technical Operations for this wonderful church and its amazing people, I knew I wanted to lend my talents of design to help spread the word of The Oasis across our community. When I launched our website in early 2023, I knew that it was just the beginning.

Today, I’m excited to announce the next chapter: an all new online worship experience (and my biggest technical project yet), Oasis TV. With Oasis TV, you can have The Oasis on any platform no matter where you are… whether that be from the comfort of home, out and about, or anywhere in the world.

Oasis TV will change the way you worship with us, bringing my personal standard of professionalism to the sanctuary. When we go live, viewers, members and guests alike can expect a new experience with the following highlights:

– Multi camera view utilizing existing Mevo equipment, allowing for more action from the stage to be seen.
– Enhanced on-air graphics designed by Twelve:Thirty Media
– Exclusive Oasis TV and media content
and much more!

Development of Oasis TV is scheduled to begin within the next few weeks, with an anticipated launch in Fall 2023. During development, you will notice test streaming on all platforms to ensure the new setup and graphics are ready for public use. These streams will be clearly marked and removed concluding the tests.

Blessings and Peace,

Walker Wright
Director of Media and Technical Operations
The Oasis United Church of Christ

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