Mountaintops and Valleys: Encountering God in the Everyday


Jesus taught through stories and parables. Our faith grows and develops through the stories that we hear and that are shared with us. We learn best through the sharing of our stories with each other.

During July, we would like to invite members of The Oasis UCC to share their stories of Encountering God in the Everyday as the sermon in our worship service. We need four people to reflect on their experience of God whether it was on the mountaintop of joy and celebration, in the valley of pain and desperation or in the ordinariness of everyday life. If you are interested in sharing, use the signup link below to sign up. Rev. Rushan will provide some questions to help guide your thinking and writing.

Sermon Series Dates

Sunday, July 2 @ 10am – Sermon by Walker Wright

Sunday, July 9 @ 10am – Sermon by Bev Price

Sunday, July 16 @ 10am – Sermon Available

Sunday, July 23 @ 10am – Sermon by Joye Courtney

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