Rev. Rushan Sinnaduray

Lead Pastor

My wife, Arushini, and I have two children, Aran and Alisha and we live in Jefferson City. I have been a youth minister and Christian educator in churches in New Zealand, Canada and now in the USA since 1990. I have a passion for encouraging and journeying with people as they explore and grow in their faith and as they discover the gifts and talents that God has given them. I have a strong interest in emerging forms and expressions of being church, exploring alternative forms of worship that are relevant to today’s culture and in the intersection between spirituality and popular culture. Having the opportunity to work and minister in different contexts and in different cultures and with a different group of people each with their own stories and journeys has helped me appreciate the importance of context and story in shaping our faith. As a youth minister and Pastor I have had the privilege and opportunity to encounter and journey with some exceptional people and through that I have come to realize how much our faith and our spirituality is shaped by the people we encounter and journey alongside and how much our image of God is shaped by the experiences we have with the people we see around us. At the center of my faith is the belief that God loves us and there is nothing that we can do about it. I believe that we are called to live out our faith in the communities of our daily lives, speaking truth to power, being the hands and feet of God in the world, and sharing the love of God that we have experienced with those we encounter on our journey. I am excited to be a part of a Christian community that is unashamedly progressive and extravagantly open and affirming of all people and am looking forward to see what exciting things God is going to achieve through us.​