Bible Text: Mark 9:38 – 50 | Preacher: Rev Rushan Sinnaduray

Rev. Rushan reflected on Jesus’ challenge to be like salt and the importance of having the “Salt of Friendship” in Christian community.

“Be the salt of the earth. Bring out the true flavor of what it is to be alive truly. Be truly alive. Be life-givers to others. That is what Jesus tells the disciples to be. That is what Jesus tells his Church, tells us, to be and do. Love each other. Heal the sick, he says. Raise the dead. Cleanse lepers. Cast out demons. That is what loving each other means. If the Church is doing things like that, then it is being what Jesus told it to be. If it is not doing things like that—no matter how many other good and useful things it may be doing instead—then it is not being what Jesus told it to be. It is as simple as that.” – Frederick Buechner