Bible Text: Matthew 20:1 – 16 | Preacher: Rev Rushan Sinnaduray | Series: Limitless | Life can seem so limited. We fuss about our time constraints. We complain about growing older. We feel the pressures of our finances. We struggle with the petty politics in our workplaces. We see the state of our world – the threat of World War 3, raging wildfires in Australia, earthquakes and volcanoes, suffering and injustice around the world. All this can make us feel so helpless, powerless and limited. And so, we make resolutions at the beginning of every year in hopes of changing things, yet we find ourselves in the same old boxes or navigating the same circles that take us nowhere good. As we worship, we will encounter the limitless nature of our loving God and explore how that can encourage and challenge us to live the extravagant, unconditional and transforming love of God in the communities of our daily lives.This week we reflect on God’s Limitless Grace as we continue our journey through this sermon series.